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Commercial Installation

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Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions

Comfortable environments are crucial for commercial establishments. Installing an appropriate air conditioning system is absolutely necessary not only for workforce productivity but also for potential customers.

Commercial air conditioning units are similar to domestic installations but their size and coverage is what makes them different.

However, not all systems are created equal.

The right air conditioner depends on several factors from the size of the establishment to what the cooling or heating needs are. Installing the wrong units could lead to higher than expected utility costs or inefficient cooling for the building.

At SupaCool, we offer professional installations for commercial air conditioning systems including split, multi-split and ducted units. We perform a detailed assessment of your establishment to determine which air conditioning system is ideal.

We only provide quality products which is why we use Daikin for all our installations.

Why We Use Daikin

Daikin air conditioners are built with a quality that is simply unmatched and offer complete climate control with improved energy efficiency. These systems also offer the following advantages.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Daikin air conditioning systems come built with advanced inverter technology that make it more energy efficient compared to other conventional units on the market.

Air Filtering

These units not only provide efficient cooling and heating, but they also improve air quality by filtering airborne particles.

Inverter technology

The air conditioning units continually adjust cooling and heating output to ensure that temperatures remain consistent.

Automatic operations

The units can easily be programmed to automatically switch between cooling and heating modes.


All Daikin units are backed with a 5 year parts warranty which applies for split, multi-split and ducted units.

These systems are an investment that ultimately pays for itself. We will help install the right commercial air conditioning systems for your establishment. We make it our priority to deliver quality products with exceptional services.

At SupaCool, we offer a range of installation packages, including commercial sized units. We can help you create the ideal working environment all year round by providing reliable reverse cycle air conditioning in your offices.

Each of our commercial design are especially tailored to ensure that your entire work space effectively air conditioned all year long. We only offer the highest quality units and installation materials to ensure that your development will be effectively heated and cooled for years to come.

We offer packages with Daikin air conditioning units for all of our commercial installations.

Call us today 9434 9496 to speak to our experienced consultant, who can help you determine what system is best for your office and design a layout which will best suit your work space.

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