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Established Home Air Conditioning Solutions

Established homes air conditioning

Updating your existing unit or installing a new unit?

Your home is where you likely spend a majority of your time. During the warmer months it can almost be unbearable to deal with the blistering heat and in the cooler, we are faced with uncomfortably cold mornings and nights. Air conditioning systems are simply a must have, as they can provide consistent cooling and heating throughout your home.

SupaCool are specialists in established home installation, our installtion process from beginning to end is effortless, starting with a customised design for your new home. At SupaCool we specialise in comfort for you and your family.

Providing Perth with the best in Airconditioning, SupaCool is the natural choice for those looking for ultimate comfort throughout your home. Ducted or split, you will be impressed with Daikin’s large range of reliable products, which are accompanied with an excellent after purchase service. Every Daikin system is accompanied with a 5 year warranty, which gives you the peace of mind that a Daikin specialist is available to attend to your air conditioner, in the unlikely event that something were to go wrong.

Wall mounted split systems

These systems are perfect for domestic installations as they offer an array of features from automated operation to cooling and heating modes. These units are fitted with an air purifying filter that trap airborne particles.

Multi split systems

Larger homes with multiple rooms will benefit more from multi split systems as each unit can be independently controlled. Installation of these systems allow for greater flexibility compared to wall mounted split systems.

Fully ducted systems

These systems provide air conditioning for the whole house and are installed in a discreet manner so only the vents are visible from the inside. Daikin units are extremely energy efficient with its advanced features such as inverter technology and temperature limit operations.

5 Year Warranty

All of these air conditioners are professionally installed in your home according to your needs and include a 5 year warranty.


SupaCool Air Conditioning for established homes

Choosing the right type of air conditioning matters for efficient cooling of the whole house. Otherwise you could very well end up with a poor performing system.

All installations come with sophisticated controllers that allow you to program it to fit your lifestyle. The controls are easy to use and give you complete control over your air conditioning. More on Controllers

Installation from beginning to end will be effortless. Our experienced consultants will perform a detailed assessment of your home to determine a customise a plan that will best suite your home. Optimising in energy efficiency and comfort, without compromising the interior design of your home. Once installed, our technicians will demonstrate the system in a handover.

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