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iZone Touch Screen Controllers

iZone – Next Generation Technology

iZone Touch Screen Controllers provide Australians with next generation climate control system. Features to impress with an elegant, easy to use and efficient touch screen interface.

With iZone 325 touch screen controller you have total temperature control of each room in your home. Heating and cooling in your home is effortless with adjustable air distribution, flexible temperature, modifiable airflow to each room. You can even stop the airflow to certain rooms for maximum efficiency and savings.

iZone Touch Screen Controllers 325 White
iZone Touch Screen Controllers 325 Mist
iZone Touch Screen Controllers 325 black

Wake up to a fresh, natural start each day by using iLight to gradually increase the light intensity like sunlight.

Be welcomed home or set your iLights to come on at a pre-set time while controlling them from anywhere.

Switch off your iLights automatically when you leave a room or use schedules for every day use.

Total Control
iZone provides total control and comfort of you home.
A next generation climate controls system that works with Daikin air conditioners, you can control the temperature of each room in your home with Wi-Fi and 4G. Full access from your smart phone, tablet or computer.
More Choice

iZone controllers come in a host of colours and customised configurations. Making it easy for you to select base on your homes interior design.


Easy on the eye and pocket

iZone is an elegant addition to your homes interior design with a choice of controller sales featuring customisable back screen colours. Even better for your home is an energy efficient programming system ‘Set and Forget’. Create up to 9 customisable zone scenarios ‘favourites’ for your every day living.

Even more clever is iSense, a controller installed to every room or specific rooms of your home. iSense can detect if the room is unoccupied and will automatically adjust the temperature or switch the air conditioning off. Significantly improving energy efficiency and will reduce the running cost of your air conditioning system by only heating or cooling the rooms in your home that are in use.


Complete Confidence

iZone is backed by Airstreams 10 year warranty* covering every element of their air distribution systems, including the iZone 325 controller**

*Standard warranty 2 years plus 8 year extension (conditions apply. See for details).

**iLight control system 2 years parts only.


iLight – colour your life

Welcome to a smart zone of modern comfort, iZone presents the newest feature of the 325 controller iLight.

Keep your home comfortable all year

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