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‘Excellent service, Excellent Air Conditioner. Great Job guys!’


Daikin Split System

‘The install crew and electrician were very friendly, helpful and professional.’


Daikin Ducted System

‘From your initial contact with me via the Daikin website, I was really comfortable with the advise I was given and never felt under any pressure to go ahead at any time. I really do not like it when sales people are pushy. The installation was completely my choice and the whole process went so smoothly’. 


Daikin Ducted System

‘The moment we decide to have it installed, you installed it the next day. Well done!’


Daikin Ducted System

‘You have done a great job of keeping my house cool. On the 11/01/2014 it was 43 degrees outside. In my house the AC was on low 24 degrees and I was nearly looking for a jumper!’


Daikin Ducted System

‘The time from quote to installation was extremely quick. The people involved with installation were all polite and did their tasks well. The price if the unit was also good’. 


Daikin Ducted System

‘The speed in which you went from award to installation was impressive. Very good value for money against your competitors, and with a longer warranty on installation than others.’


Daikin Ducted System

‘Very quick installation after quote acceptance!’ 


Daikin Ducted System

‘The installers were on time and the excellent service from the team.’


Daikin Ducted System

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