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The SupaCool Air Conditioning Check List


Air Conditioners are an important investment to your home, therefore it is vital that you are receiving the very best. While you are considering all of your options, keep in mind that SupaCool goes above and beyond with service, product and installation.

We have created a short checklist for you to use when considering your decision. It is a good way to show you what services SupaCool provide in the quote that other companies might not include.

Does the provider have an excellent post installation warranty? SupaCool provides industry-leading warranty on Installation, System and Components.

5 year Installation Warranty

10 year Componetry Warranty

Make sure your air conditioning includes all the items in our check list! If not, you run the risk of an unsafe installation and problems in the future which could be costly. Everything on this list is included in every quote SupaCool provides.

Clears rubbish away at the end of the job

Installation of emergency overflow drains

Instal the highest quality of ducting – fire rated, R1.2 thermal insulation resistance & R1.5 thermal insulation resistance fitting

All units are mounted on 75mm rubber mounts

Clears rubbish away at the end of the job

Provide aluminium return air grille with high static washable filter

Provide Colorbond capping on external piping

Provide leak-free sealing between ductwork and fittings

Use anti-vibration isolation mounts to reduce noise conduction to adjacent areas

SupaCool only provides the best including everything on this checklist, don’t settle for less, call SupaCool today to receive a FREE customised quote for your home 9434 9496.