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Reverse Cycle Ducted Systems


Ducted Air Conditioning provides a discreet air conditioned comfort for your home.


SupaCool can install ducted systems in new homes and existing homes.


A customised design created by our specialised consultants will compliment the layout and decor of your home.


Upon Installation, SupaCool provides an industry leading warranty on your new system.

SupaCool Air Conditioning Ducted Specials

Ducted Air Conditioning can be described simply as an inverter that provides cooled or heated air, flowing through a series of ducts which passes the air through discharge grills which are strategically placed in your home for the best heating and cooling results.


Once installed, the inverter is suspended in your roof and the outdoor extractor unit will be conveniently placed out of sight. Only the controller, return air and discharge grills will be visible in your home.

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