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Air Conditioning in Perth


Perth’s Best Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning

supplied and installed

We offer a wide range of energy efficient, ducted reverse cycle systems that give you complete control over the temperature in your home or workplace. Ducted air conditioning can help reduce your running costs, since the system enables you to only heat or cool the spaces you want.

Split System Air Conditioning

supplied and installed

Split system air conditioning systems are a great option for smaller homes, offices and spaces. We supply and install the highest quality split systems, ensuring you get an air conditioning system that lasts.

Using smart home technology

Control the temperature of individual rooms

New Home Installation

Our installtion process from beginning to end is effortless, our focus is providing comfort for you and your family.

Established Home Installation

We provide quick installation of both ducted and split system air conditioners in established homes.

Commercial Installation

Professional installations for commercial air conditioning systems including split, multi-split and ducted units.

Operating in Perth for over 20 years providing

Hassle-Free Air Conditioning Supply & Install

World Leading Air Conditioning Technology

As one of Australia’s most trusted names in air conditioning, Daikin can be found in homes, offices, hotels and shops across Australia and around the world. Accordingly, Daikin provides air conditioning products that are world leading in performance, quality and reliability. Learn More

Next generation climate control system

Intuitive touch screen interface is elegant, easy to use and exceptionally efficient. iZone’s touch screen technology gives you total temperature control of each room individually. You can also direct airflow to only the rooms you choose for maximum efficiency and savings. Learn more

Supacool – Perth’s Best Air Conditioning

Are you looking for ducted or split system air conditioning in Perth? Then you’ve come to the right place. Supacool is your go-to air conditioning expert. We pride ourselves on our extensive product knowledge and a commitment to superior customer service.

How much space needs climate control , how much it costs to run and how much it costs to install are all important factors in making the right decision when choosing air conditioning.  At Supacool we will work with you to ensure you get the right system to meet your heating and cooling needs. We understand that each air conditioning installation varies from the next and will work with you closely to ensure that the air conditioning system you choose works perfectly in your home or business to provide year-round comfort.

As a Daikin air conditioning supplier and installer we only work with the very best range of split system and ducted air conditioning units. Contact us today to get your split system or ducted air conditioning supplied and installed.

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