Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth

Supacool are a main trusted installer for the CoolBreeze evaporative systems. We provide high quality installs for evaporative air conditioners.

CoolBreeze - Evaporative Air Conditioner Perth

CoolBreeze premium quality evaporative air conditioners are designed and manufactured right here in Australia specifically for Australian conditions. The many unique features built into CoolBreeze mean that no other brand comes close to its cooling performance and energy efficiency.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Cools Your Entire Home

With the low running costs of Coolbreeze you can cool your whole home without the need to decide which ‘zone’ to cool – everyone deserves to be cool. The kids can sleep easy at one end of the house while you are entertaining at the other. All Cool!


Evaporative air conditioning is much cheaper to purchase, install and operate than an equivalent reverse cycle system.


We understand that each home is different.

That’s why each of our evaporative air conditioning designs are individually designed to suit your home and lifestyle.

To receive your free quote, please contact us on 9434 9496. If applicable, you can email us your house plans directly.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Our energy efficient, ducted reverse cycle systems are a great option for large properties or those with multiple spaces, giving you complete control over the temperature in specific spaces. Ducted air conditioning installation gives you the ability to set zones so you only heat or cool the spaces you need, giving you an opportunity to reduce running costs.

Split system air conditioning

If you have a smaller home or residential space that needs air conditioning, you may wish to consider a split system. Our split system air conditioners deliver maximum comfort to your home, without the need to install ductwork throughout your property.


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