Air Conditioning Installation For Existing Homes

Are you considering air conditioning installation for your home? Do you need to replace your existing air conditioning system? Do you want a more energy efficient air conditioner?

We have the right option for you

 Whatever the reason, Supacool has the right air conditioning system for you, with a wide range of Daikin reverse cycle, ducted or split systems to suit every home and budget.


 We have extensive experience in residential air conditioning installation so understand the unique challenges of installing an air con system in an existing home can pose.

Air Conditioning Installation Considerations

Existing homes, particularly older and heritage properties, can present unique challenges not usually associated with new builds.


There may be space limitations for ductwork or where the indoor and outdoor units can be placed. In the case of heritage houses, there may be restrictions on your property or approvals may be needed.


Older homes and existing single-storey brick homes may not have the cavity spaces needed to run the required cables or ductwork. 


The good news is, that there are a number of options available to you.

We understand that each home is different.

That’s why each of our Daikin Ducted designs are individually designed to suit your home and lifestyle.

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Air Conditioning Options

If your home has an older ducted system already installed, you can upgrade it with a newer model that can be easily retrofitted. Ducted systems are a great climate control option for larger homes, and multi-storey properties as you can isolate and control specific zones in the house.


If ducted air conditioning installation isn’t an option for you but you wish to heat or cool multiple rooms, you could install a multi-split air conditioning system. This incorporates multiple indoor units that connect to a common outdoor unit.


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