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Your Guide To Summer Ready Air Conditioning

Your Guide To Summer Ready Air Conditioning   With the BOM predicting hotter than average days and nights over the summer months, it’s time to prepare your air-conditioning system for maximum usage. If your unit doesn’t have a heating option and has been neglected...

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Finding Your Comfort Zone

Finding Your Comfort ZoneSpring can be a tricky time of year to keep your home at a constant temperature. With dramatic changes in weather from one day to the next, we often find ourselves alternating between rugging up and stripping back the layers. So how do you...

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iZone Nexus Controller

Controller Options iZone Controller (upgrade) 1. Easy on the eye - and your pocket: Offers a choice of elegant control consoles or sensors that can be customised to suit your home’s interior design. Changing the background colour or facias is as simple of...

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10 Good Reasons to Choose SupaCool

10 Good Reasons to Choose SupaCool Air Conditioning SupaCool are specialists in air conditioning, our expertise ensures you get all the air conditioning help and advice you need! We only suppy Daiking air conditioners as we know the product will back our superior...

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What is iZone

What is iZone? Quite simply, iZone will turn your home into a smart home. iZone lets you build your smart home start with air conditioning. From there you can add on other functionalities like lighting, reticulation or power. Or you can get them all, you get to...

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Air Conditioning Check List

The SupaCool Air Conditioning Check List   Air Conditioners are an important investment to your home, therefore it is vital that you are receiving the very best. While you are considering all of your options, keep in mind that SupaCool goes above and beyond with...

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Why You Should Choose Ducted Air Conditioning

Why Should You Choose Ducted Air Conditioning? When installing air conditioning into your home, the first decision is what system to install – individual / multiple Split Systems or a fully Ducted Reverse Cycle System. Both have their benefits and it really depends on...

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How to save money with Daikin Air Conditioning

How to save money with Daikin Air Conditioning Save 27% On Heating With Daikin Air Conditioning In this economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money in their homes, but what do you do when your gas bill comes in and 69% of it is from heating?!?! Western...

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What To Consider When Choosing An Air Conditioner

What to consider when installing an air conditioner Choosing the right air conditioning system Every Perth home is different and we have different needs when it comes to choosing the right air conditioning system for our homes. When making the choice to install air...

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