Why Should You Choose Ducted Air Conditioning?

When installing air conditioning into your home, the first decision is what system to install – individual / multiple Split Systems or a fully Ducted Reverse Cycle System. Both have their benefits and it really depends on the needs of your family and your home. Ducted Air Conditioning can be an asset to all homes, it blends seamlessly into the décor of your home, is easy to use and energy efficient.

Understanding Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning provides a discreet air conditioned comfort for your home. SupaCool can install ducted systems in new homes and existing homes. A customised design created by our specialised consultants will compliment the layout and décor of your home.


Ducted Air Conditioning can be described simply as an inverter that provides cooled or heated air, flowing through a series of ducts which passes the air through discharge grills that are strategically placed in your home for the best heating and cooling results.


Once installed, the inverter is suspended in your roof and the outdoor extractor unit will be conveniently placed out of sight. Only the controller, return air and discharge grills will be visible in your home.


Benefits of Installing Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning

Reverse Cycle Systems main benefits are to provide your home with the comfort of heating and cooling. The other benefits are:


Australian Made: If you value production of products made in Australia, Daikin is the air conditioner for your. Indoor units are designed and manufactured in Australia. All units are made to Australian standards and are designed to withstand the harsh summer climate and cool winter climates.


Energy Efficiency: Daikin have improved their energy which is achieved through the use of a DC fan motor, cross-pass heat exchanger and increased outdoor coil passes.


Inverter Technology: An inverter system increases and decreases power gently. Reaching the desired temperature quicker and maintained it without fluctuation.


15 Fan Settings: Each system includes 15 different speed setting to suit the duct work configuration.


Night Quiet Mode: Night Quite mode reduces the outdoor noise levels during the sleep hours and automatically resumes normal operations in the daytime hours.


Compact Size: The indoor inverter is housed in a compact indoor casing made easy for installation


Flexible Zoning: Heat or Cool your every room in your home. Ducted systems provide the ability to zone spaces to maximise energy efficiency and comfort. The position of the discharge grilles can be tailored and adjusted to suit the room for optimum air circulation.


After Sales Service and Warranty: Daikin provide a 5 year warranty and have an established service department, which includes an in-house call centre, spare parts division and support centre.


MEPS Energy Efficiency Requirements: All ducted air conditioners with cooling capacity up to 65kW sold in Australia must comply with the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). All Daikin air conditioners exceed MEPS requirements to provide energy efficient, quiet, simple to use and reliable air conditioners.


Installation from beginning to end will be effortless. Once you have made the decision to install air-conditioning into your new home, we will work with your architect and builders for the best layout and installation.


Our experienced consultants will perform a detailed assessment of your home to determine a customise a plan that will best suit your home. Optimised energy efficiency and comfort, without compromising the interior design of your home. Once installed, our technicians will demonstrate the system in a handover.


Providing Perth with the best in Air-conditioning, SupaCool is the natural choice for those looking for ultimate comfort throughout your home. Ducted or split, you will be impressed with Daikin’s large range of reliable products, which are accompanied with an excellent after purchase service. Contact us today at 9434 9496 or Get a FREE QUOTE