iZone Nexus Controller

Controller Options

iZone Controller (upgrade)


1. Easy on the eye – and your pocket: Offers a choice of elegant control consoles or sensors that can be customised to suit your home’s interior design. Changing the background colour or facias is as simple of choosing the precise temperature you want.


The WiFi and 4G enabled iZone App enables you to control your air conditioning system via your smartphone or tablet. The iZone Worldwide service allows you greater control. giving you 4G access from anywhere, for ever more efficiency and savings. Now the whole family can come home to the perfect temperature.


2. iSense room temperature control: This clever controller detecting if a room is unoccupied, iSense will then automatically adjust the room temperature or switch off the air conditioning to that room. iSense significantly improves energy efficiency and reduces the running cost of ducted air conditioning systems in homes and offices, directing the airflow only to the rooms you are using.


3. iSave – Natures air conditioning at the touch of a button: Making the numbers work harder, iZone’s patented iSave technology uses cool outside air to lower the temperature of your home without the need for refrigerates air conditioning, to save you money.


4. Home Automation Integration: iZone uses the latest technology, so you can integrate your air conditioning with your home automation system, to make it even easier to control the temperature of every room in your home.


5. Set and Forget: Create up to 9 ‘favourite’ zone scenarios to suit your lifestyle, then schedule these ‘favourites’ to match everyday living. But for a quick set and forget ‘system off’ timer,  just press the seven-setting sleep timer button and your controller takes care of the rest.


6. Warranty: iZone offer a 10 year warranty covering every element of our air distribution systems.