Finding Your Comfort Zone

Spring can be a tricky time of year to keep your home at a constant temperature. With dramatic changes in weather from one day to the next, we often find ourselves alternating between rugging up and stripping back the layers. 


So how do you find your optimum comfort level and make your reverse cycle air conditioning work for you in an efficient and cost-effective way?


1. Find a starting point

Research suggests a temperature of around 22° to be the most beneficial for year round living. 


2. Accept some variation

Each member of the household will have their own individual ideal temperature. Those who are more vulnerable – particularly infants and the elderly – often thrive more in a warmer habitat, while others find comfort in cooler environments.


3. Avoid extremes

Not only is overheating costly and damaging to the environment, it can lead to a number of health issues. Insomnia is a common problem of sleeping in a hot room, along with hyperventilation, which reduces oxygen levels in the blood. Likewise, fighting to stay warm can have a detrimental effect on your wellbeing. Using energy to keep warm can lead to sleep and concentration problems, and cause muscle pain and fatigue. 


4. Decide your range

Once you have taken the above steps into account, you are on your way to creating a comfortable home. Good quality reverse cycle air conditioning can provide you with the tools to implement your plan. Choose a temperature range that incorporates the comfort zones of all household members and use the lower end of this range to set your thermostat. 

Australian houses tend to be designed to keep us cool in the warmer months so are often harder and more costly to heat on those cooler days. Get the most out of your air conditioning unit by giving it the best chance to work efficiently.

  • Insulate your home
  • Seal any drafts
  • Use window treatments to provide shade on hot days and prevent the heat escaping on cool days.

Welcome spring into your home with a comfortable, healthy environment for the whole family. Call our experienced consultants today on 9434 9496 or get a FREE QUOTE for a customised plan to provide the ultimate in comfort for your home.