Your Guide To Summer Ready Air Conditioning

With the BOM predicting hotter than average days and nights over the summer months, it’s time to prepare your air-conditioning system for maximum usage.


If your unit doesn’t have a heating option and has been neglected over the long winter months, then it’s likely to need a fine tune-up. Some of the smaller jobs you can tackle yourself, for example, cleaning or changing filters, and clearing any built-up debris from the condenser, but for a thoroughly professional service, you should always call in a licensed technician.


Regular maintenance by a professional will ensure your air conditioner runs efficiently and leads a long and healthy life, but it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of your unit to enable you to recognise when there’s a problem and stay on top of general maintenance.


Here’s a quick guide to the basics…

  • The condenser is usually located outside, therefore collecting leaves, dirt and other debris throughout the year. This area should be cleaned regularly, especially to get your unit summer ready.
  • The air handler blows chilled air through ducting to each room.
  • Filters reduce dust – some are disposable, others re-useable. These should be cleaned or changed monthly throughout the summer months.
  • Ducting is made up of tubes located in the roof space. This distributes air around the home and should only be cleaned and maintained by a technician.
  • The thermostat allows for you to set your temperature.
  • Registers are the grilles inserted in the ceiling that direct the air flow into the room – these can be removed and cleaned.

Before tackling any of the DIY jobs mentioned ALWAYS turn off the power supply AND the isolation switch 


Now you can enjoy those long hot summer days at the beach or in the backyard with the barbeque sizzling, relaxed in the knowledge that you can come home to a nice cool home.


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