Daikin Air Conditioning Perth

Here at SupaCool we specialise in the installation of Daikin Air Conditioning. We have dedicated the majority of our work to Daikin as we are a firm believer in quality and value. The quality and assurance Daikin provide makes them worth every penny.

Get a Daikin Air Conditioner - Quality Guaranteed!

Daikin guarantees your comfort in every facet of our service, right through from research and development to installation and enjoyment. To further ensure that enjoyment, Daikin’s dedicated after sales support team is second-to-none in providing you with the necessary coverage for your continued comfort beyond the initial purchase and installation.

Experts In Daikin Aircon

As specialists, air conditioning is all we do. We take pride in designing products that provide clean, efficient, and superior comfort in the places we live, work and play.


As one of Australia’s most trusted names in air conditioning, Daikin aircon can be found in homes, businesses, and community projects across Australia.

Excellent Warranty

Daikin’s 5-year parts and labour warranty applies to split, multi split and ducted air conditioners purchased and installed in homes across Australia

4 Good reasons why we prefer a Daikin Air Conditioner

Daikin provides a large range of reliable products which are accompanied with an excellent after purchase services. Every Daikin system is accompanied with a 5 year warranty, which gives you the peace of mind that a Daikin specialist is available to attend to your air conditioner, in the unlikely event that something were to go wrong.

Daikin Air Conditioners have an advanced inverter operating system that allows their systems to be more efficient in operation than conventional air conditioning systems.

Looking to get a perfect nights sleep? With Daikins ‘Night Quiet’ mode, you can stay cool and comfortable all night, without you or your neighbours being disturbed by the systems operation noise.

The Daikin Split System is the only air conditioner authorised to display the Sensitive Choice butterfly symbol, from the The National Asthma Council Australia. The Sensitive Choice butterfly was developed by the The National Asthma Council Australia to help asthma and allergy suffers to identify products which are better suited to their condition.

Daikin Air Conditioner Solutions

If you’re in the market for a new Daikin air conditioner, Supacool has what you are looking for. Our expert team specialises in the installation of any Daikin AC.

Daikin offers a wide choice of dependable products that come with a 5-year guarantee. You can also look forward to excellent after-sales service as a Daikin aircon customer.

The Daikin Split System is the only air conditioner with the Sensitive Choice butterfly symbol. The National Asthma Council Australia endorses this Daikin AC to show the symbol to help people with asthma identify products that cater to their condition.

Daikin Aircon Perth Experts

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and knowledge of Daikin air conditioner solutions.

As a Daikin specialist dealer, we deliver a range of air conditioning solutions in Perth, WA. We offer and install inverter air conditioners, reverse cycle air conditioning for cooling and heating, Daikin ducted air conditioner products, and compact design Daikin air conditioners.

Contact Supacool today for your Daikin Perth air conditioner expert!

Reasons to Service Your Aircon Regularly


Whether you choose Daikin ducted air conditioning or split system air conditioning, our specialists are trained to ensure your Daikin aircon is correctly installed the first time.


When your Daikin air conditioner suddenly stops working, we will assess it, find the required replacement parts and repair the system.


We understand the importance of remaining comfortable in your home, so regular services from our Daikin aircon Perth specialists will ensure that your aircon has an extended lifespan.


We also understand that at some point in time, you will need to replace your aircon. Our team of experts are equipped to assist you with this replacement.

Daikin Ducted or Split – which Daikin airconditioner is best for you?

As our main supplier, we carry the full Daikin range. Whether you have a large or small home, single or double story or are looking for a ducted or split system, we are able to help you.


Simply give us a call on 9434 9496 or come down to our showroom to discuss which Daikin system in right for you.