How to save money with Daikin Air Conditioning

Save 27% On Heating With Daikin Air Conditioning

In this economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money in their homes, but what do you do when your gas bill comes in and 69% of it is from heating?!?!


Western Australians have seen the gas market increasing the running costs on appliances, influenced by the inflated costs of gas exporters from other countries. Resulting in hard earned money taken away from WA homes, don’t worry, we’re here to help you close the gap and start saving.


Save up to 27% on heating by switching to a Daikin Split System

Daikin Split Systems add versatility allowing you to rely on your system all year by providing heating and cooling options for your home, providing comfort all year. Where a gas heater is on;y that – a gas heater.

We can do better though, not only will you save on your gas bill, but our Split System Air Conditioner will beat gas heaters in other benefits:


Intelligent Eye – A sensor that can sense human presence allowing for direct airflow to you or away from you for draft free comfort. Intelligent Eye can also sense if the room has been unoccupied for 20 minutes when the system automatically goes into an energy efficient mode.


Comfort Mode – A draft free option, where you can point the direction of the heat to the floor. Allowing it to warm the air in your room instead of your ceiling.


Powerful Mode – Take the chill out of your home fast with the ‘Powerful Mode’. Turn it on and it will maximise the power for 20 minutes, then automatically returning to original settings.


iZone 325 Controller * – With Wi-Fi and 4G, you can control your system from anywhere. So when you’re on your way home from a cold and rainy day at the footy field, you can turn on your system on from you smart phone and come home to a warm comfortable home.


Daikin has done the work for you, the research team has compared the running costs of a split system vs a flued gas heating system. Comparing identical heating running times for both options, then calculating the running costs. 

Gas Flu Heater

5 Star Room Space Heater


  • Output of Gas Heater = 6 kW (21.6 MJ)
  • Output over 500 hours = 10,800 MJ
  • Gas Consumption over 500 hours = 12,706 MJ
  • Gas cost = 1.667 cent MJ
  • Additional electricity costs (i.e fan and control electronics) = $7.18
  • Total Gas cost = $211.78
  • Total cost of gas heating = $218.96

Split System

Model: Cora FTXM50Q / RXM50Q


  • Output of Air Conditioner = 6 kW
  • Output over 500 hours = 3,000 kW/h
  • Electricity consumption over 500 hours = 665 kW/h
  • Electricity cost = 23.947 c kW/h
  • Additional energy electricity costs= $0
  • Total electricity cost = $159.25
  • Total cost of electric heating = $159.25


  • Electricity and gas tariffs based on Melbourne residential winter offers at 1 April 2016.
  • Energy conversion, 1 kW = 3.6 MJ
  • Gas consumption based on High Efficiency 5 Star Room Space Heater (85% conversion efficiency of gas to heat)
  • Gas heater electricity consumption = 0.06 kW/h


There’s no question who’s the winner, with the heating cost of Daikin Split System up to 1/3 less the cost of heating with a gas heater! So the real question is… when are you going to start saving money? Our consultants will help you to find the best system for your home, so stop wasting your money and fill our FREE quote!


*iZone 325 Controller is an upgrade controller for ducted systems.